Race Report 03/03/18

Saturday was the Traveller series at Royal Geelong which is great place to sail once you have mastered the intricacies of delivering your boat in the middle of Geelong with no parking anywhere and talking a member into opening the gate so you can get in. But they are welcoming and do help out.

Then there is briefing, well apparently there was. It is at 1230 and if you haven’t been wise enough to read the NOR and general sailing instructions, you may have missed it. Fortunately Clive filled us in.

Indented Head was represented by Peter Ellenby, Clive (we claim him), Manfred, Geoff and James Dixon and your scribe for the one race held. Apparently if you had been at the briefing you would have been advised that only one race was planned as a “severe weather event” was predicted for 1600 (about 4.00 pm). It turned out that there was a “severe weather event” at about a little past 3.00 pm being a gust or two of over 35 knots (according to Peter). As further severe gusts were predicted the committee called it a day after one race.

Manfred reckons he was doing OK and was up with Jason from Ballarat (there were about three from there) but couldn’t quite catch him.

Peter tells me that he saw a gust go through at the windward mark which wiped out Manfred and allowed him to pass. Manfred might have got back ahead later.

But it was a trying day, which your Ed observed from the shore, including watching Peter go over as he tried to get in. (He was not the only one). Your Ed did get on the water and was looking forward to the day and sailed out to the start boat. There was a lot of weed in the water and the Ed checked the centre board; he then checked the rudder, at which point he noticed that for the second time this year he may not have put the plug in. Your Ed sailed in and drained the boat.

Peter Ellenby said he thought I was wise to come in when I did. I just thought I was stupid. However in an effort to become a more efficient sailor, the Laser now has a sign at the back which reads “Put the F***ing plug in moron”. I have great hopes that this will catch on and a market will open up enabling me to make a killing in selling little signs.

The real beauty of Royal Geelong is that after the sailing you can relax with a beer at the bar. We did. Manfred showed Peter and the Ed the boat he has been sailing on Wednesday evenings. It is concrete and big. We talked with the boys from Ballarat and others and then left to find a member to open the gate and let us and boats out.

Next Saturday is Juniors and Club Racing.