Race Report 24/02/18

This report will be brief.

The junior sailors got out on the water and even had a windward/leeward race. Thanks to all regulars including Ned, Paul, Phil, James, Zeth, Tony and Margaret and very especially to Andrew Dix who came down to run the BBQ; and very nicely too. He does a nice run of egg and bacon sandwiches.

The juniors seemed to have the best of the breeze with morning breezes of 10-15 knots.

It changed about 12 noon as winds swung from north to south and increased to 25-30 knots with gusts to 35 knots. The Tasar crew had read the forecast but came with boat anyway. Ned was there with boat. Chris came, sans boat, Andrew suggested that it was not his day. Geoff and James came, without boat although James was sure that they could go and get it. Geoff was not so sure. Garry Venn came with no boat. A few diehards had read the forecast and were missing.

At about 1.30 pm the Ed, constituted as sailing committee, made a decision – he deemed it to be 2.30 pm and abandoned racing for the day. Even Ned thought it looked a bit on the wild side.

Thanks to all those who assisted in the morning and in the afternoon to retrieve boats and markers, especially Dennis, Ned and Zeth.

Next week, Saturday 3 March, is traveller series at Royal Geelong with two races with 5 minute gun for race 1 at 1355. (They do treat this serious). In the past sailing at RGYC can be parking mayhem, but they are a welcoming crew who generally let you drive in, drop boat and gear, and then go and park. They have a very nice bar. Remember that they don’t just do Lasers, they also have Tasars and lots of other classes, and everybody is welcome.


And in breaking news of tonight (Monday) the forward Tasar committee member has discovered that she is now a first time aunt in addition to her other duties. (Jackson William Dolley, no weight given, no ‘mother and child doing well’ – brothers in law don’t do this proper)