Race Report 10/03/18

The forecast was for a beautiful with temps into the low thirties. A great day to sail with maybe a minor drawback in that the morning breeze was said to be 5 knots to maybe 10 strengthening to 10 to 15 knots in the afternoon.

Actually the true wind was “not much’ going to “could do with some breeze” and finishing in the afternoon at “bit more and we could open a venturi”. Across the bay Aidan, Callum and Finn were dealing with conditions described as “sod all wind” and apparently only Aidan got on the water on Saturday. Frank tells the Ed that conditions were better on Sunday with Finn and Callum doing well, but Aidan not quite.

But it is an ill wind that blasts all, and Saturday was not that day for Graham Bignall. He revelled in the conditions where it was not a struggle to keep upright and was able to get that huge kite on the Solo Swift going to good effect. He has nearly as much sail as the historic 18 footer we saw later at the Geelong Wooden boat Festival.

The first race was a longer one in the conditions as boats frequently got going only to fall into a hole and stop; most notably at the windward mark where the Tasar committee watched Chris K-T and Terry struggle, it seemed to take three goes, to round. We also struggled but having watched, allowed a bit extra and made it in one go.

Div 1 race 1 saw Graham 3 minutes up on Geoff & James Dixon with Chris K-T a further three minutes back. Gary Venn was close to Chris and 3 minutes up on Leon who was just ahead of John Walter and Terry. Clive came in a minute shy of Terry and 2 minutes up on the Tasar committee. Gerhard bust a bit and retired for the day.

For Div 1 race 2 John and Clive also retired and as the breeze got up a little bit Geoff and James got going getting in 20 seconds or so ahead of Graham. Gary completed a reasonable day in a full rig coming in third ahead of Leon and Terry with Chris K-T trailing and the Tasar committee dead last but not that far behind as they had the advantage of a huge shift on the penultimate beat.

Peter Ellenby acted as RO after having been there at  9.30 am to assist with junior training and put in a huge day training juniors, running two races in trying conditions of breeze here and there and shifting all over the place.

In Division 2 T. Carver and daughter in a club Pacer finished the race with exultation. I apologise I do not have names.

In Division 3 Nate Beard completed both races while Robbie Bux started the first. It’s a big day for junior sailors.

Along with thanks to Peter for the day, thanks to all those who came to help with junior set up and training including Margaret and Tony Bux, Phil Alexander, Gary Venn, Zeth and the Tasar committee who did BBQ.

Thanks to Anne in the Tower for the afternoon.

And extraordinary gratitude to the other Tasar who lent us a tiller (and rudder) when we left ours sitting under a Laser sail at home

Next week is training on Saturday and races on Sunday at St Leonards with first race at 10.30 am.

Usually a very good day with BBQ lunch.