Race Report 24/03/18

Much needed rain was forecast for today and, in fact, in our backyard at Newtown we had 17 mm over the day. The rearward Tasar committee member remembered that he had planned to call our friendly local plumber from up the road to fix the leaking toilet and reeve out the drainage pipe. Apparently, according to the forward Tasar committee member, when it rains, water is meant to go down drains, not bubble up as a nice little gurgling geyser up the hole. I did point out that to cover errors had constructed a nice little drain/trench for overflow down the side of the house and under the soon to be defunct shed. Soon is a relative term, the plans are from Andrew’s 18th birthday and fading. The forward Tasar committee member was not impressed.

But we were not deterred. I had spoken to my brother in law on Thursday who complained about being continually blown out at Queenscliff. I pointed out that there was a window of opportunity, the morning was forecast 15- 20 and the afternoon 15-20. Between am and pm was a chance to sale.

As it happened Anne has recovered from her luergy, in time to contribute to Grandmother duties and chaperone her three-week-old grandson to Adelaide. (Young parents are much more adventurous these days.) Anne’s luergy, which had enabled her to take, two of the offered three days sick leave this week, had transferred itself to the rearward committee member. The forward committee member has also been touched by the disease, and so a mutual decision was reached to leave the boat behind. We would do tower duties while Anne was in Adelaide.

We were not alone in considering sailing unlikely, the junior sailors had arrived, looked at the water, looked at the lightening, and called the day off. Likewise, Ned, ably assisted by Finn, Barney and Pearl, who had made the decision that camping at Cape Otway was not on this weekend, were not keen to sail. This left Ned and Finn and Barney and Pearl free to rampage through the clubhouse, removing bits and pieces they considered not up to scratch and ready for disposal. Fortunately Dennis had not arrived at this stage.

But Dennis did arrive and was eager to get out on the water, if only he had sailors.

Indented Head Yacht Club did not let him down. Gary Venn came, Manfred came, Gerhard came, Graham Bignall came, Chris and Mandy came with their Tasar.

The conditions may not have improved as the sailors thought about rigging. Chris and Mandy decided it was not their day. Graham rigged and then thought better of it. Gary, Manfred and Gerhard all rigged and launched, although it must be said, it was not easy. The northerly wind and onshore seas made it hard for everyone to get out. Even Dennis had problems getting Ozone out. Actually on shore winds often give us conditions that are not as bad as they seem on some occasions. This was not one of those occasions.

Dennis set a windward return course and anchored ready to do the start. At this stage Dennis discovered the conditions were bloody awful and rocking up and down in Ozone was not doing him any good. In fact the breeze was hitting 19 knots and higher, and Dennis wisely hoisted the abandonment flag, and headed shore. Manfred came in and took over from Dennis collecting marks. Graham, who had not actually sailed, assisted Gerhard out and then back in. Dennis, back on shore, helped Gary up the beach.

Those that actually sailed had terrific reaches here there and everywhere, but it was possibly not a day for racing.

Incredible thanks to Dennis yet again for being there, fixing and launching Ozone, and getting ready to run a race. Thanks to Ned and family for hard work around the club.

Next week is Easter Regatta. The Tasar committee will not be there but we understand Dennis will be.

For those who assisted with crossword: Dainty morsel, delicacy really does equal titbit

Rude, surly equals churlish

Renegade equals turncoat

And deterrent was not correct , it should have been detriment to fit in with titbit and churlish.