Race Report Easter

The Tasar committee had their Easter at Phillip Island leaving Indented Head sailors to battle out the Easter regatta. Division 1 included Graham Bignall, Gary Venn, Chris KT, John Walter, Terry Johnson, Peter E and at least two visitors. Division 2 featured Andrew Dix, John McKenna and Paul Simmons while Div 3 had Nate Beard, Finn Fairlie and Aidan Simmons on Monday

Results will be on the club site shortly

The Tasar committee and brother/uncle were extremely busy as we completed many local clean up tasks and repairs around our mother’s house. It must be said, however, that our mother does not necessarily appreciate the process and has been known to threaten retribution when Nick picks up any form of cutting implement and looks at green bits.

But the main thing that happens at Phillip Island over Easter is that the Saturday is the Great Phillip Island garage sale. I don’t know why, there is no overall organization, but the garage sales bloom on Easter Sat.

The Tasar committee and Nick and Bella were ready to go by 9.30 am Saturday (we slept in). When planning the Saturday garage sale splurge it is wise to make plans the night before. For instance check the local rag for addresses and plan a circuit allowing time to chase those sales not mentioned in the local rag. It is wise to visit those sales advertising sausage sizzles at breakfast or lunch.

The experienced garage sale purchaser is also somewhat selective. Over 5 to 10 years my personal aim has been to collect the cheapest sound system with the best quality to go in our living room. Alex tends to go for knives and kitchen ware while Nick still hopes to buy something that shocks his wife more than the model lighthouse from two years back. He also goes for furniture. Bella goes for clothes and was delighted to pick up a named top for, what she said was $60 under price.

We had fun, the rearward Tasar committee member did get a new sound system for the living room (missing turntable) which he haggled down from $25 to $20 on the basis that I’d take their word that it worked and not plug it in to the power supply, hence reduced price. Alex collected a ‘Slow cooker’ and recipe book for $12 (and she also got another set of knives, I worry sometimes). Nick purchased a carbon driver (golf club) for $10 which he reckons is a great improvement on $265 which he last paid. A thrown in advantage was that we discovered two of the best views in the area, rotten sales but great views, on or near the Island. Remember that we have been there since early 60’s and had never seen these. We also found one of the great retreats of the Island at Newhaven (Expensive books but).

Relying on Dennis’ advice we did not buy any anchors

The last sale we got to was in aid of something which I forget, but Alex and I did zero in on a game which no one else wanted. It is called “Wind Shifts” by Ronstan yacht fittings and features little yachts which go certain distances depending on wind direction and wind speed. The speed and wind strength changes as you go over different bits of sea. Some of the rubber bits might be a little ‘gone’ but it is a fun game.

Thanks to all those who ran races and arranged things over Easter, Ned and family, Dennis and John McKenna.