Race Report 15/04/18

I once went to the football at Kardinia Park. St Kilda were playing Geelong and our youngest, a Saints supporter wanted to go. There was no stand, only the outer. I have never been so cold in my life. It rained, it hailed, it blew. It blew the hail straight into our faces. I haven’t been to an AFL game since. St Kilda lost.

Today, St Kilda were again visiting Geelong and while there may not have been the hail, it was cold and windy and St Kilda lost.

It was not a day for sailing either. At about 1.00 pm both Corio Bay and South Channel wind gauges were reading 29 knots.

Dennis was back on deck this week but few sailors made it to Indented Head.

Dennis planned to either run the race or do some work on Ozone’s trailer. Ned and family were there to do a stocktake of sailing boats and anything else which turned up. Chris K-T wandered by, I suspect to laugh at any who sailed.

The Ed came, but he was avoiding stuff at home and Anne came to watch (the forward committee was studying).

Gary came with boat.

We called racing off early after having assured Gary that we were all ready to watch him sail. He didn’t.


We did launch Ozone in order that Dennis and Chris could play with the trailer. We recovered the drifting Ozone (well Dennis did), packed up and came home.


Next week is Sunday racing and a Friday night committee meeting