Race Report 22/04/18

It was my sort of sailing weather on Sunday as I neared Indented Head, pleasantly warm with a breeze at about 5 knots; drifting weather – and I drift with the best of them. The forward committee was studying and I was left to sail the Laser (and I will remember to put the plug in).

But it was not to be – The job of OOD was up for grabs and I forgot to step back. I even did a briefing with the sole purpose of offering the esteemed position of OOD to any takers, there were none – such is life

But you do get to have fun hooning away in Ozone and setting the course and playing with sailor’s minds. This is easy – you mention at the briefing that the sailing instructions do apply and to finish they must go between the ID mark and the shore prior to crossing the finish line which is between the club house and the blue mark. It doesn’t matter where the ID mark is – you go between it and shore in direction of finish line. You then raise the possibility that the blue with yellow inset triangle means general recall and that individual is blue cross on white (I think). At this stage it is wise to mention that you think it may be a starboard course, but you are not sure. Finish by pointing out that if you, as OOD, are getting bored you will probably shorten the course if it is taking too long. One hopes that by this time most sailors are feeling a little paranoid and wishing that they knew where the club sailing instructions were. (see web site).

At no stage do you mention that the race will be triangle, windward and return and triangle, and no one asks. (this must add to the tension).

I will admit that the first race was not easy for the OOD. He had the course set by 1.50 (having briefed at 1.00 only to find that by start the breeze, such that there was, had gone about 90 degrees right and the first beat was a shy reach, albeit very shy, and not quite straight forward as there was a strong tide away from the mark.

We sailed the race anyway.

Graham Bignall had a ball as the light breeze ideal for the Solo Swift. He was out on trap (in 5 knots) and able to use the big red sail. On the other hand visitor John Carabott in a Weta trimaran struggled, particularly with the tide at the first mark. (The VYC H/C bit says for the Weta that ‘Observation of data suggests that there is a wide disparity between light and moderate/heavy air performance, relative to most catamarans’. I reckon we agree)

Second over the line was Chris K-T with Geoff Dixon third. Then followed Terry, Danny and Kerryn Rayson, Gary, Leon (surprisingly slow for Leon), Rod Smith and Tim Waller. It was great to see Tim back and sailing. Tim was followed in by Peter Ellenby. The Weta did not quite make it to the finish.

After the first race and the wind swings your OOD was able to reset the course. And here for your edification and education is a brief description of the process.

The wind had swung from north west to east so where we had begun, of the public boat ramp, and heading for Melbourne in the first race, was now actually upwind from the original lee mark off the Ozone wreck. Hence I was able to play musical marks.

The initial thought was to take the mark from the public ramp further out to sea and call it the windward mark with a start off the Ozone wreck. But then a further solution was considered. Go to what was the previous windward mark out at sea and consider whether it could be a windward mark on a starboard course starting off Ozone wreck. This didn’t work so picked up mark and took back off public boat ramp. Then took original start mark, which was closer to shore, out to sea and called it lee mark. Proceeded to Ozone wreck mark and started race and then moved ID mark to make it more straight forward. This stuff is not easy.


Graham Bignall again reigned supreme and was followed by Danny and Kerryn Rayson in their Tasar. Leon made up for his first race by coming in third followed by Gary, Geoff Dixon,

Chris K-T, Terry Johnson, Peter Ellenby, Rod Smith and John Carabott on the Weta.


Perhaps the most disappointed in this race was Terry who pulled off a magnificent port start to lead all, only to have a gear problem and to fall to the back of the fleet.


There were no Div 2 sailors, but in Div 3 Nate Beard did both races.


Thanks to Anne who ran the tower, to Ned and family who cleaned up at the end and to Leon who has produced a new horn for Ozone


Next week weekend is the Laser training weekend and some of us are taking part. Others will be around hoping to make the weekend run smoothly.


But it is also our last scheduled race for the year on Sunday and it will proceed with or without the Laser trainers. So come on down (but do be aware that it might be a little squashed with numbers)


(PS I have a great course to suggest to Dennis which minimizes beats and maximizes reaches)